What fees or rates

does Lending Loop charge?

Lender servicing fee
1.5% per Year

Lenders are charged a 1.5% annual servicing fee that is collected whenever a business makes a repayment. Lenders are only charged this fee when they receive a repayment. The servicing fee is an annualized rate (1.5% / 12 months), calculated monthly on the outstanding balance of principal at the time of the payment.

Borrower annual loan cost
4.96% - 24.93%

Lending Loop is built for the specific needs of your business - we are committed to offering you the lowest cost financing possible, allowing you to maximize your business opportunities. We holistically assess the overall health of your business and your credit history to offer a market leading rate unique to your business. We’re so confident that we are the best option available for your business that we offer a Lowest Rate Guarantee giving you peace of mind in the strength of your offer.