Help Build a World Where Small Business Borrowing is Simple, Affordable and Accessible

We're helping Canadian small business owners access the financing they need to grow their businesses. We're actively looking to work with affiliate, distribution and referral partners to fulfill the financing needs of small businesses across Canada.

We offer three different types of partnerships:

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Distribution Partnership

You specialize in helping businesses obtain financing. This program is designed for intermediaries who want to provide their clients fairly-priced loans and leverage our fast and efficient service.

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Referral Partnership

You are in contact with business owners and want to earn commission by referring them to Lending Loop. This program is designed for anyone who maintains a personal or professional network that includes business owners.

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Affiliate Program

You publish content online and want to earn a commission by referring your readers to Lending Loop. If you publish content online that is targeted towards business owners, you can earn commission by directing your readers to our website.

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