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Help Grow Small Canadian Businesses While Generating Attractive Fixed Income Returns

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What is Lending Loop?

Lending Loop is Canada's first and only regulated peer-to-peer lending marketplace focused on small business. Our core focus is providing businesses with accessible capital at fair interest rates through a simple online process. We do this by cutting out the costly intermediaries, such as banks, making affordable financing accessible to small businesses. Lending Loop gives all Canadians access to simple and attractive returns by supporting the growth of local Canadian businesses.

Our data is public.

We believe that transparency is vital to the success of a financial technology company.

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How Lending Loop Works

Business Applies for Loan

Businesses complete a simple online loan application to provide details on their creditworthiness (it only takes 5 minutes)

We Evaluate the Loan

Lending Loop’s credit team evaluates the loan request to determine if it is eligible to be listed on the marketplace

Lenders Fund the Loan

Lenders view listings on the marketplace and commit funds to businesses they want to lend to

Business Receives Funds

If enough lenders commit funds to a listing, they partner together to fund the business' loan

Lending Loop is Secure

Lending Loop uses a Canadian Chartered Bank to handle all money that is stored through our platform so our users always have peace of mind about their finances. Additionally, all data is stored with leading software providers so you can rest assured that all your personal information is properly handled, just like it would be at any financial institution. To learn more, please review our Privacy Policy.