Pioneers in

Canadian financial innovation.

Lending Loop is Canada's first fully regulated peer-to-peer lending platform focused on small businesses.


We’re registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in all provinces and territories.


We’re building a platform to connect all types of investors with small businesses looking for financing.


Our office is in Toronto, but we’re supporting businesses and their communities across the country.

Access to affordable financing can be a struggle. Due to the significant costs and overhead of traditional lenders, small businesses are underserved in Canada. Connecting Canadian investors directly to those small businesses is our way of helping them grow.

Historically Canadian investors haven’t had a lot of choice when it comes to alternative investments. Institutions had access to small business loans, but everyday investors were stuck investing in the stock market, bonds, or real estate. This has been compounded by savings accounts and GICs that aren’t even keeping up with inflation. Lending Loop offers investors a new method to diversify their portfolio, with fixed-income securities that offer an attractive return and a benefit to the Canadian economy.

*Remember, when lending to businesses your capital is at risk

Meet Our Team

Our team is incredibly passionate about connecting small businesses with Canadian investors. With experience in technology, finance and commercial credit, the team at Lending Loop is proud to offer a new source of financing to small businesses and a new asset class to Canadian investors.