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With a minimum commitment of $25, Lending Loop allows you to easily diversify your portfolio. The more businesses you lend to, the more you are spreading your risk and the greater chance you have of earning a positive return. For the first time in Canadian history, all Canadians can access the benefits of small business lending.

Solid Returns

By cutting out the cost and complexity of the banks, Lending Loop allows businesses and lenders to prosper together. Without the high cost structure of traditional financial intermediaries, Lending Loop is able to pass the savings onto the lenders, allowing them to earn a more attractive return. Each business has an assigned interest rate and you can hand pick those you wish to lend to.

Support Canadian Businesses

Businesses across Canada in a wide variety of industries are looking for financing to grow every day. Our credit evaluation team reviews the creditworthiness of each application before deciding whether to post it on the marketplace. Lending to these businesses not only provides the opportunity to earn an attractive return, it also helps them grow, which in turn, benefits the Canadian economy.


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Auto-Lend gives lenders the ability to automate their investment strategy. Lenders can select from a list of preset plans or build their own.

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Loan Name Industry Interest Rate Loan Grade Loan Amount Progress Term
Hiring Employees Loan 10.98% B+ $125,000.00
4 Years

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