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Origination Volume

This chart shows both the total number and the total dollar value of loans provided to small businesses through the Lending Loop Marketplace since it launched in October 2015.*

Loan Performance by Loan Grade

This chart shows the percentage of loans that are in one of the categories of Fully Paid-Off, Current, Charged-Off or In Arrears broken into each risk rating. This is a measure of the performance of loans for each of the Lending Loop risk ratings. It is expected that loans with higher risk ratings (eg. D and E) will go into arrears more often than lower risk rated ones (eg. A and B).*

Distribution of Loans by Loan Grade

This graph shows the distribution of loans issued by Lending Loop by Loan Grade based on the total percentage volume by both number and dollar amount.*

Loan Characteristics by Loan Grade

The loan characteristics chart shows the average amount and term of the loan for each Loan Grade.*

Projected Lifetime Default Curve

The lifetime default curve is an approximation of loan defaults (by $) over time. For the purposes of this illustration, all loans are included and assumed to start at month 0. The calculation of the rate in any given month is equal to cumulative loan principal defaulted in that month divided by the total volume of loans originated.*

Click here to view the default rate assumptions.

Loan Portfolio Performance by Vintage

This graph shows the current projected net yield for each vintage of loans that we have originated compared to the estimated net yield. The estimated net yield is calculated using the default rate projections as shown above, while the current projected net yield is calculated by subtracting the current loans that are in arrears or in default from the current gross yield for the cohort.*


Investors Have Lent


Loans Originated

All loans on Lending Loop are funded through our community of investors.

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Borrower Industries*

*Charts are updated quarterly (as of June 30, 2018).

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